Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Efren Reyes is the World 8-Ball Champion!

Efren Reyes is the World 8-Ball Champion!

Efren Reyes wins IPT World Open 8-Ball ChampionshipAt the International Pool Tour’s World Open 8-Ball Championship, billiards player Efren Reyes triumphed over “Rocket” Rodney Morris 8-6 to become the world 8-ball champion and win $500,000. The event was the culmination of seven days of continuous play from 200 of the finest players in the world down to 2.

Before the match, tour founder Kevin Trudeau was asked who he thought would win in the final match. “I don’t know. I don’t think it’s going to be eight-seven, though. Whoever wins this, I think it’s going to be one-sided.”

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Trudeau was foiled by the problems both players were plagued with when they broke, though. For some reason, neither player made a ball on the break until the score reached 3-2 Morris, at which point the Hawaiian dropped the 10 ball on the break and ran out. But he scratched on the break three times during the match, which gave Reyes a huge advantage. With the score knotted at 5, Morris missed a tough shot on the 6 ball, and Reyes took a one-game advantage. The 11 ball went in on the break, and Reyes cleared but missed the 8 ball, eliciting a collective gasp from the audience. Morris played safe, leaving the cue ball near the top rail, while the 8 was in between the 15 and 10 balls. Reyes shot directly at the 8 ball and it dropped, which caused his side of the room to cheer, but head referee Ken Schuman called a foul, and the other side of the room erupted into cheers.

Morris scratched on the break for the third time to his dismay, and Reyes dished up to reach the hill 7-6. Reyes got lucky in his last break when the 15 ball collided with the 2, sending it flying into the corner pocket. A dicey carom on the 6 ball was his second shot, and it barely dropped, but the rest was cake. Reyes got perfect position on the 8 ball and pocketed it smoothly to win the match 8-6.

The tournament room went wild, and Trudeau came out with a suitcase of money and an enormous trophy. A brief presentation followed, with Morris addressed the crowd, saying, “This is a great event. I just want to thank you for your vision and for your courage to back it up with all your money. Everything was top of the line, from the masseuse to the food to the venue—everything was top class, and I’m really happy that I’m alive to play for this much money in this event.” Morris will receive $150,000 for second place.

Reyes made a short speech in Tagalog, but afterward he mentioned that the break was challenging for both players and then added, “I missed two eight balls, I think, but they were both corner pockets. It make me feel nervous—when I’m shooting that, I’m shaking a little. That’s why I missed the eights.”

But was it the money or the title that was the most important? “Both the money and the title! They’re expecting us to win in our country.”

Tournament director Deno Andrews said that he initially agreed with Trudeau about the final match being one-sided. “I thought so, too, because both of these players are such dominant players and they’re really not afraid of each other. I was expecting one to have his break on and one not to have his break on, and whomever had his break on I thought was going to win. But as you saw, with these tight pockets and really slow cloth, anything can happen.”

Does he think that the best man won? “I think the best player in the tournament won,” he affirmed. “It is what it is. You can’t beat Efren as far as calling him the best player in the world, I don’t think there’s anybody out there who would deny that.”

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

World Straight Pool Championships Goes to Hohmann

World Straight Pool Championships Goes to Hohmann

by InsidePOOL Staff
The World Straight Pool Championships, which began May 31 and ended June 4, ended with Thorsten Hohmann in the winners’ circle. Hohmann came upon the international scene when he won the World Pool 9-Ball Championships in 2003, and since then he has made a strong impression on both European and American pool.
This event attracted some of the biggest names in the game, from Jimmy Mataya and Mike Sigel to Johnny Archer and Nick Varner. Germans Ralf Souquet, Thorsten Hohmann, and Thomas Engert were also present. To make things interesting, Jeanette Lee, Megan Minerich, and recent Championship winner Jasmin Ouschan of Austria also came to play.
Gabriels Tables was the official table sponsor, while Iwan Simonis, Inc., provided the cloth and Aramith the balls. The event was hosted by the Hilton in East Brunswick, NJ. Beginning with a round robin 64-player roster, the event wound its way down to a single-elimination, 16-player format after players such as Tony Robles, Archer, Sigel, and Varner dropped out.
Ouschan had the best showing of the ladies, as she reached the final eight before falling to Hohmann 200-117. Former bank pool champion Danny Harriman met Max Eberle in the same bracket and put up a bit of a fight before falling to the wayside 200-63.

Allen Hopkins also made it to the final eight, succumbing 200-32 to Germany’s fierce competitor Thomas “The Lean Machine” Engert 200-32. Engert won the Predator Florida Open last weekend and is still riding high. After a close match with Mike Davis, Mika “Iceman” Immonen advanced 200-170
Immonen went on to meet Engert in the next round and went home disappointed after a 200-20 drubbing, while Hohmann and Eberle met in the other game. The match saw the players trade innings frequently, with Hohmann retaining the lead throughout to win 200-177.
The fellow Germans met in the final match. The last time the two played in the finals against one another might have been the 2004 International Challenge of Champions, where Engert came out ahead and won the $50,000 winner-takes-all prize. Maybe in the back of his mind, Hohmann recalled this, for he was up to a 92-ball run as an opener before missing an easy 7 ball. He was soon back at the table, though, after Engert missed a break-out shot. Commentator Bobby Hunter mentioned that the two players had very different styles, with Hohmann choosing to break the balls firmly, while Engert was more “old school” and only liked to break out a couple of balls.
Back at the table, Hohmann put together another running, reaching 160 before scratching off the side of the rack. Engert returned to the table and reached a total score of 80 before missing the 15 in the side. After a quick break, Hohmann came back to the table and, with a couple of nervy shots, ran out flawlessly to win the match 200-80.
The high run for the event was Thorsten Hohmann’s run of 174. Following him were Immonen with 132, Eberle with 127, Sigel with 125, and Hopkins with 123.
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Last Updated ( Sunday, 04 June 2006 )

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BEF Scholarship Program 2006-2007 Awards Announced

BEF Scholarship Program 2006-2007 Awards Announced

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) Academic Scholarship Program is an annual review round administered by the BEF Scholarship Committee, under the direction and guidance of the BEF Board of Trustees. Applications are made available in the fall, with a postmark deadline of the following March 15.
The BEF Academic Scholarship Program is divided into two categories: Excellence in Education scholarship ($5,000 awarded over a two-year term) and Billiard Congress of America (BCA) scholarships (7x $1,000 awarded annually). The objective of the BEF Academic Scholarship Program is to grant scholarships to high school seniors who have benefited from the sport of billiards and are pursuing a college education.
The 2006 Winners have been announced by the BEF. Congratulations to these high school seniors, who have been named to receive a scholarship for the 2006-2007 academic year:

BEF Excellence in Education winner:

Kyle Smith, Lafayette, CO

BCA Scholarship winners:

Gregory Gaskin, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Christopher Kaltenbach, Newtonville, MA
Dorothy Mix, Camino, CA
Conor Parker, LaGrange, IL
Jessica Ray, Avon, CT
Megan Skinner, Des Moines, IA
Joshua Strazanac, Holland, MI


The BEF supports and recognizes billiard student-athletes who excel both in the classroom and in competition. All-American honors are given to those who qualify for the BCA Junior Nationals, plus earn a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Students must complete an application and submit their report cards to be considered, and 33 students made the grade in last year's round.
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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Steve Mizerak Passes Away

Steve Mizerak Passes Away

The legendary Steve “The Miz” Mizerak passed away Monday, May 29. The Hall of Fame member suffered a stroke in 2001 and was hospitalized early in 2006 with gall bladder problems. After slipping into a coma, he then succumbed on Memorial Day. Born October 12, 1944, he was 61 years old.
Survived by his wife Karen and his two sons, a stepson and two granddaughters, The Miz was one of the most recognizable figures in pool. His game of choice was straight pool—after becoming classified as a professional at the age of 13 after running 105 balls, he went on to collect four U.S. Open Championship titles in 1970-1973. He also showed tremendous proficiency at 9-ball, winning the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship in 1978.
Click here to visit the Steve Mizerak image gallery
Steve was graduated from Athens College in Athens, AL, in 1968 with a degree in history. He taught for 13 years before retiring and going on to star in Miller Lite beer commercials, the most famous of which was “Just Showin’ Off.” Steve went on to perform in “The Baltimore Bullet,” which led to his part in “The Color of Money.”
In the 1990s, Steve again branched out, becoming an entrepreneur and launched Mizerak Cues, which he marketed to Kmart, Sports Authority, and other sporting goods chains. He also started the Senior Tour, a tour for 50+ players, which he ran for six years out of his room in Lake Park, FL.
Jimmy Reid, a Senior Tour participant, recalled, “At a pool table, Steve Mizerak is one of the most coordinated big men you have ever seen or will ever have the pleasure of seeing. Steve has always been a good friend, but on the green felt he's a fierce competitor. Steve addressed the cue ball and came down into the shot as well as anyone who ever played the game. When he fell in gear playing straight pool, ‘Miss’ was definitely a girl.”
A church service was scheduled for Friday.
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Friday, May 12, 2006

Pool Table Reviews

Pool Table Reviews 2005

by Inside POOL Magazine

Pool Table Reviews comes out June 15th in Inside POOL Magazine. Subscribe Today!In the July/August issue of 2005, inside POOL Magazine released the 1st Annual Pool Table Issue. The issue quickly became one our best selling issues ever. Here's review from the 2005 Pool Table Issue. The 2006 Pool Table Issue promises to be a spectacular issue and is a must have for anybody planning to purchase a pool table any time this year or in the near future.

Pool Table Issue 2005 page 1

Pool Table Issue 2005 page 2

Pool Table Issue 2005 page 3

Pool Table Issue 2005 page 4

Pool Table Issue 2005 page 5

Pool Table Issue 2005 page 6

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2005 Annual Pool Table Review Article

Pool Table AwardIt’s a dream that a lot of people have had. Of course, it’s a daydream, but nonetheless, it’s a good daydream. Whether you live in a college dorm, have a loft of your own, or finally have saved enough to buy a home, you have always wanted that killer game room, that zenith of social status and good times rolled into one, with one magnificent centerpiece ruling over it—a pool table.

If you should take your dream to the next level and go searching, beware. For even the savviest buyer, the search for most dream tables turns into a nightmare. The first problem is that most dreamers believe that there’s a pool table with their name on it waiting in the cellar of some little old lady who would be thrilled if they would give her $50 for her 70-year-old pristine Gold Crown and get it out of her way. They just need to knock on a few doors, ask a few friends, and, if all else fails, look in the classifieds of their local newspaper.

Let’s cut to the chase: There’s no little old lady, there’s no cellar, there’s no pool table, and we’ll talk about the Tooth Fairy in another article. The reality of it is that there may have been deals like those at one time, but they have long since gone the way of the dodo. Ultimately, most dreamers come to realize that what they had was just a dream, but they still want to buy a pool table and resort to visiting their neighborhood billiard supply store.

Most do not let the smack in the face that reality just dealt them get it the way, but they usually are overwhelmed by what they see at their local billiard store. Faced with what seems to be thousands of pool tables, the dreamer suddenly realizes that he needed to do his homework. This is not a multiple choice that involves a blindfold and a pointer. And it isn’t the SAT’s, either. It’s the centerpiece of the most important area in the world—your gameroom.

Before running off screaming into the night, let InsidePOOL Magazine be your guide into this forest of pool tables. We have spent countless hours going over the pool tables available in the market and have chosen the ones that we would recommend. Now, we know what you’re thinking. We’ve also split the pool tables into categories of price so that dreamers can stay within the budget they need. Sorry, we’ll help you pick your own pool table, but we won’t promise that you won’t ever miss a ball or lose a game on your own pool table. That’s in the instructional section of this magazine.

LAMINATE Pool Tables


Redding Pool TableThe Redington Pool Table is a great example of beauty and functionality with a friendly price tag that doesn't upset many. The Connelly Redington is a great family table. Constructed from durable 1 1/2” thermally fused and American manufactured melamine instead of the cold rolled paper product typically seen on imported tables, the legs and cabinet can take a beating while maintaining a natural wood appearance. The Redington features 1” diamond-honed slate and solid kiln dried U.S. hardwood rail construction and is available in dark English oak, medium Renaissance oak, mahogany, or natural maple melamine. The Redington has a suggested retail price of $2,495.

For ordering information, please contact Connelly Billiards at 800-861-9619, or visit their website at


Metro Pool TableThe unique design of the Brunswick Billiards Metro table combines the durability and precision necessary for tournament play along with the elegant styling of a home table. Featuring contemporary design with the craftsmanship and world-renowned playability that Brunswick is legendary for, the Metro will be at home in a billiards club or a private game room. The table is available in 8- and 9-foot sizes, and color options include black, maple, and blue. The suggested retail price for the Metro is $2,749.

For ordering information, please contact Brunswick Billiards at 800-336-8764, or visit their website at

VENEER Pool Tables


Prescott Pool TableThe pictured Connelly Prescott is a two-tone variation of the standard Prescott, featuring a matte black maple veneer cabinet. The solid wood carved legs are highlighted with either a honey or millcreek finish on the ball portion of the ball and claw design and matching honey or milano stain on the 6” hardwood top rail. The Prescott offers great ball response owing to its Rapid Rail construction, 1 1/4” slate, and an oversized antique style cabinet which allows for a “direct connect” between the 1 1/2” cabinet and the slate. Available in its original standard design in maple, red oak, or cherry veneer, the Prescott can also be upgraded as a hardwood table featuring any of the noted woods, or you can choose from solid knotty pine or Connelly’s latest wood offering, rustic hickory. The suggested retail price for the Prescott is $3,495. For ordering information, please contact Connelly Billiards at 800-861-9619, or visit their website at


Tiberon Pool TableNotable for its classic design and versatility, the Tiburon by DLT Billiards would look at home in almost any gameroom. The rails and legs are made of solid maple, and the Tiburon is available in cherry, honey, teak, medium oak, and walnut oak stains. Mother-of-pearl diamond sights decorate the rails, and the three-piece slate is one inch thick. The Uni-frame support structure, which is below the solid-core board, offers style and support. The suggested retail price for the Tiburon is $2,995. For ordering information, please contact DLT Billiards at 888-782-2208, or visit their website at



Marquette Pool TableRelive the romance of a bygone era with the Marquette, an antique reproduction first produced by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company in 1912. Created in celebration of Brunswick’s 160th anniversary, only a limited number of these unique works of art will be produced, each one numbered on an engraved brass plate and certified authentic. This limited edition table is a stunning piece of Brunswick history featuring a unique, “sow-belly” baseframe, Italian olive wood veneer with geometric mother-of-pearl inlays, and sleek ebony pin-striping with a brandy finish. It is available in 8- and 9-foot models, and the suggested retail price is $23,499. For ordering information, please contact Brunswick Billiards at 800-336-8764, or visit their website at


Waterfall Pool TableOlhausen Billiards’ modern line of tables integrates twentieth-century styling, which is characterized by simplicity of form, absence of decorative ornaments, and an emphasis on functional concerns. With their Waterfall table, art and functionality form a design destined to be a classic. It is available in veneer oak or maple and has black diamond rail sights and leather pockets. The suggested retail price for an 8-foot table is $8,350.

For ordering information, please contact Olhausen Billiards at 800-866-4606, or visit their website at


Firehole Pool TableAn elegant but simple design gives the Firehole by Drawknife Billiards a true rustic elegance. Shown in the Burl style, this Firehole features a rare assemblage of hard-to-find burl accents and medallions. This table is an exceptional combination of man’s craftsmanship and nature’s unique art. The Firehole design is also available in Standard and Wilderness model and begins at $14,000.

For ordering information, please contact Drawknife Billiards at 800-320-0527, or visit their website at

SOLID WOOD Pool Tables


Scottsdale Pool TableThe Scottsdale is Connelly’s latest post leg design. Featuring massive hand-carved legs stretching from floor to frame, the Scottsdale combines a stylish double-arch cabinet, carved blinds, and wide 6” rails resulting in a handsome table that would fit in any upscale home gameroom. Exclusive features found on Connelly Pinnacle Collection tables include one-and-one-quarter-inch thick tournament-sized slate, and the Connelly Rapid Rail construction. The Scottsdale is available in heirloom-quality cherry, lustrous maple, traditional red oak, and other specialty woods. The Scottsdale has a suggested retail price of $5,995.

For ordering information, please contact Connelly Billiards at 800-861-9619, or visit their website at


Huntington Pool TableHandcrafted to highlight its beauty and strength, the Huntington remains one of Olhausen Billiards’ most popular from generation to generation. This table is made from the preeminent solid American hardwood available on the market. It is available in solid oak or maple, with a variety of finishes, and has diamond pearlized rail sights and leather pockets. The suggested retail price for an 8-foot table is $3,840.

For ordering information, please contact Olhausen Billiards at 800-866-4606, or visit their website at

CARVED Pool Tables


Columbia Pool TableThe Columbia is one of DLT Billiards’ finest examples of beauty and functionality combined. Some of the hand-carving artisans have over 30 years of experience in their field, and their hard work shows with this design. Constructed of solid maple, the Columbia boasts hand-carved blind rails with mother-of-pearl diamond sights. Its one-inch thick slate and the double-arch frame also boasts detailed hand carving. The Columbia’s suggested retail price is $7,895.

For ordering information, please contact DLT Billiards at 888-782-2208, or visit their website at

Cavalier II

Cavalier II Pool TableThis table by Olhausen Billiards captures the elegance of fine furniture with its ornate carving and is sure to be a beautiful addition to your family gameroom. The highest detail and attention are paid to these tables, which are meticulously crafted by Olhausen Billiards’ master woodworkers. Available in solid oak, maple, or specialty woods, the Cavalier II also has mother-of-pearl rail sights and leather pockets. The suggested retail price for an 8-foot table is $9,975.

For ordering information, please contact Olhausen Billiards at 800-866-4606, or visit their website at


Lone Star Pool TableThis variation of Drawknife Billiards’ Glacier table features six distinctive five-pointed stars reminiscent of designs out of the Old West. As with the Glacier, the design accents and legs may be stained in a contrasting color. This table also includes star-shaped sights in the rails, fashioned from a dark cocobola wood, to add to the overall Western look. Pricing for the Lone Star begins at $6,800.

For ordering information, please contact Drawknife Billiards at 800-320-0527, or visit their website at


Gold Crown IV

Brunswick Gold Crown IV Pool TableThe Brunswick Gold Crown IV is the standard of the industry and the professional players’ table of choice. It is available in mahogany with bronze or brushed nickel trim or matte black with chrome or brushed nickel trim. The Gold Crown comes in 8-foot pro and 9-foot sizes with either gully or drop pockets. The Gold Crown IV is a world-class billiard table of legendary quality. The Gold Crown IV has a suggested retail price of $7,999. For ordering information, please contact Brunswick Billiards at 800-336-8764, or visit their website at

Diamond Pro-Am

Diamond Pro Am Pool TableDesigned for players by players, Diamond Billiard Product's Diamond Second Edition Pro-Am has it all. It features one 1-inch piece slates, Dymondwood rails, a leg-leveling system, and Simonis 860 cloth. It also boasts the fastest and quietest ball-return system in the industry. It is available in 19 different stains and starts as low at $4,175. For ordering information, please contact Brian Miller at 812-288-7665, or visit their website at

Monday, May 08, 2006

Photo Caption Contest

Photo Caption Contest
Think you come with the o­ne-liners with the best of them? Submit your caption and be entered to win a Viking Pool Cue Retail valued at $300 - $400 and a 1-year subscription to InsidePOOL Magazine!

Winners will posted o­n the homepage our InsidePOOL at the beginning of the month after the contest ends.

You can enter as often as o­ne time per day. If you don't win this month, you can try again next month.

InsidePOOL Magazine and Viking Pool Cues will be holding a photo caption contest every month during 2006.

This month features Dennis Hatch and Frank Del Pizzo having a litle fun before the finals of the Super Billiards Expo.

Please email your entry to:

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Please include your name, address, phone number and your caption entry in the body of the email. Please use Photo Caption as the subject line.

The Inside POOL Magazine Pool and Billiard Forums Giveaway

The Inside POOL Magazine Pool and Billiard Forums Giveaway

The Inside POOL Magazine Pool and Billiard Forums Giveaway is a monthly contest where the winner receives a $100.00 shopping spree from one of our sponsors and "15 minutes of fame" with the announcement on at the beginning of each month.

To qualify, simply post on our forums. Each time you post, you receive one entry into the contest. That's it. The more that you post, the better your chances are of winning. Duplicate posts and posts that are not considered to be in good taste will be elimnated. Posts can consist of any topic/reply that would relate to the categories established in our pool and billiard forums.

To post on our forums, you will need to register for a free account with We will not share this information with any company. You may receive a reminder from time to time to inform you that our winner was posted on

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US Subscription Inside Pool Magazine - InsidePOOL Magazine is the players choice for news from the sport of billiards and pool. To order by phone, please contact us at the InsidePOOL Magazine office at 1-866-961-7665 to order any of the InsidePOOL Magazine products. InsidePool Magazine is the hottest billiards magazine in pool. professional instruction from players like Allison Fisher, Keith McCready, Jimmy Reid, Max Eberle, Scott Frost and Grady Mathews. We also pack every issue full of the latest pool tournament coverage from around the world and right in your back yard. Inside Pool Magazine is 100% color and is loaded with action shots of your favorite poolplayers. We also list all of the pool on TV listings in each issue so you'll never miss another second of pool. InsidePOOL Magazine is published 10 times per year (monthly from September thru April along with 2 two-month issues of May/June and July/August). With the price of $18.99, you save 50% off the cover price! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your first issue.InsidePOOL Magazine is the player's choice for news from the sport of billiards and pool. To order by phone, please contact us at the InsidePOOL Magazine office at 1-866-961-7665 to order any of the InsidePOOL Magazine products.
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Viking Cues Photo Caption Contest Winner for April

Viking Cues Photo Caption Contest Winner for April

Congratulations to Steven Gatlin of Salem, OR for submitting the wining entry in the Viking Cues Photo Caption Contest for the month of December.
The winning caption was, "Preparing to demonstrate his world famous "Pinocchio shot", Deno starts with thinking of a really good lie.
Steven has won a Viking Pool Cue that has a retail value of $300-400 and a one year subscription to InsidePOOL Magazine.
InsidePOOL Magazine and host the Viking Cues Photo Caption Contest every month. The winners are announced on and in InsidePOOL Magazine.
The photo for this month features Dennis Hatch and Frank Del Pizzo having a little fun before the finals at the Super Billiard Expo. Visitors can submit entries via email by going to the Photo Caption contest page. You can enter every day, one time per day.
Submit your entry to the Viking Photo Caption Contest.
Visit InsidePOOL Magazine for the Viking Pool Cues Photo Caption Contest.

International Pool Tour to Premiere on OLN

International Pool Tour to Premiere on OLN

For Immediate Release
King of the Hill 8-Ball Shootout to Air in Prime-Time Starting Sunday, June 4
Chicago, Illinois. (May 4, 2006) --- The International Pool Tour, the richest professional pool tour in the world, has secured a major television package to air IPT’s action-packed “King of the Hill 8-Ball Shootout” series on OLN. The network will carry the six IPT shows in prime time, with the first show set to premiere at 7 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 4.
The International Pool Tour’s “King of the Hill 8-Ball Shootout” features the world’s greatest players competing for more than $1 million in prize money, by far the biggest purse ever offered in pool. The series will be shown on OLN over six consecutive Sundays, culminating in a two-hour finale on Sunday, July 9. Click here for IPT TV schedule.
The Comcast-owned OLN is currently available in almost 70 million households and is considered one of the hottest sports cable networks in America. The national network is best-known for its coverage of the National Hockey League, the prestigious Tour De France, America’s Cup, Davis Cup tennis, the A1 Grand Prix series and the “Survivor” reality series in syndication.
“We believe the IPT’s intense competition, production value and sports drama make it a good fit for our schedule” said Victoria Quoss, OLN’s VP of Programming, International & Strategic Planning. “Millions of people play 8-Ball all over the country and the International Pool Tour will take the sport to a whole new level. The series will not only appeal to pool fans, but to sports fans in general.”
The International Pool Tour series is a breakthrough in televised pool. It is one of the first-ever pool series to air nationally in prime-time and is widely considered to have the most high-end production value in the sport’s history. The “IPT King of the Hill 8-Ball Shootout” was produced by the International Pool Tour in association with A. Smith & Company, the executive producers of network hits such as “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Skating with the Stars” and many major television sports events including pro football.
“OLN is known for its coverage of some of the most prestigious and competitive international events in sports,” said Jon Denny, Executive Director of the IPT. “This new partnership signifies that pool is now a major television sport and that the International Pool Tour is a ready for prime time property.”
OLN ( is the leader in competitive and adrenaline-charged content. Now in more than 69 million homes, OLN is the cable home of the National Hockey League and best-in-class events like The Tour de France, The America’s Cup, Professional Bull Riders (PBR), the Boston Marathon and USSA Skiing. The network offers unique programming in four primary areas: Action Sports, Field Sports, Bulls & Rodeo and Awe-Inspiring Series, and is the exclusive home of “Survivor” in syndication. OLN, a wholly owned company of Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ; CMCSA, CMCSK), is distributed via cable systems and satellite operators throughout the United States.
For more information on the International Pool Tour, visit